2010 - 2014

Assembling Worlds was an on going series of digital collage & geometric illustration works started in around 2010. These were experiments in geometry, form, texture, composition & colour which culminated in a number of exhibitions at various Gallery spaces across Brisbane and sold as framed prints. On this page you'll find a collection of works created within the series. 


I am interested in how we perceive space and form and how from the macro scale right down to the micro, certain forms visually reoccur throughout the universe to reflect the geometry wired into our brains - be it the fractal geometry present throughout the physical universe or the euclidean geometry we invented that explores  our spacial existence with three dimensional structures. These works are experiments in juxtaposing the visual aesthetic of organic fractal geometries with man made euclidean ones to create abstract representations of how we have imposed one form of geometry onto another to mathematically express & then build our manufactured world on top of the existing natural one. With the juxtaposition of imagery that are the same instance; digital & geometric yet organic & raw. The aesthetic paradox in these works is achieved through a combination of real life imagery juxtaposed with euclidean geometric forms.